ADR-64: Points of interest (POIs)

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In the context of creating a system that allows the DAO to target the most valuable places around Decentraland, there needs to be a mechanism to add, obtain and remove different points of interest. This system has been existing with various components divided across multiple teams, this ADR documents the current integration.

Current solution


Points of interest (aka POIs), are parcels or estates that have been voted by the DAO as such, a POI is visualized inside the explorer to reflect this choice. This functionality requires an integration on different levels, from the smart contract to the final visualization in the current unity-renderer.


Smart contract

A smart contract to hold this informations has been created, its main functionalities are:

The smart contract address for the mainnet is: 0x0ef15a1c7a49429a36cb46d4da8c53119242b54e The smart contract address for the test net (ROPSTEN) is: 0x5DC4a5C214f2161F0D5595a6dDd9352409aE3Ab4


The DAO utilizes the smart contract functionalities to add and remove POIs.


A lambda function has been created to provide an access point where to obtain the list of the current active POIs


Kernel uses the Lambda function to retreive the list of current POIs, and then attach this info in the metadata sent for each parcel when requested by the unity-renderer.

Unity renderer

When displaying the map and its POIs the unity renderer communicates with the kernel getting the list of parcels/estates that are POIs and displaying a star in their position. It also applies a filter for POIs that are Empty Parcels and it reduces the number of visible characters to avoid saturating the map visuals.

Current problems

A problem was noticed with a wider use of POIs. There are currently some POIs that are Empty Parcels. This has been currently solved by a filtering in the unity-renderer of those parcels, but the POIs still are in the smart contract.


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