ADR-60: Skin wearables

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Context and Problem Statement

We are adding a new skin category to the available wearable slots. This new slot will be used for wearables that shape the whole avatar. This will require changes to the Explorer to support the behavior of this new slot, which should hide several of the other slots (like head, upper_body, lower_body, feet and all the facial features). Also the Builder uses an outdated version of the ECS, and upgrading it to the latest one (which would support the new skin slot) is not possible at the moment. Finally, the Marketplace will require some way of displaying and browsing wearables of this new type a well, for this we will need to add the new slot to WearableCategory enum in @dcl/schemas so the nft-server can handle it, and also we need to add it to the schemas of both the marketplace and the collections subgraphs in all the supported networks (ethereum-mainnet, ethereum-ropsten, matic-mainnet and matic-mumbai).

Proposed solution

On the Explorer side, a new Skins section in the backpack will be added to list all the skins owned by the user. When selecting a skin, a confirmation modal will pop up explaining which other wearables will be hidden and prompting the user. Portable experiencies that would be hidden by skins will still continue working. When unequipping the skin, the hidden wearables should be visible again.

On the Marketplace we will add a new section called skin, which will be accessible via the sidebar as "Skins", under the "Accessories" dropdown. This will end up passing a wearableCategory=skin param to the nft-server, which should filter by this wearableCategory the same way it does with the other ones.

On the Builder editor, even though we can't upgrade to the latest version of the Explorer, we can still support this new slot behavior by doing some manipulation to the wearable before sending it to the ECS scene, and by limiting the categories that the user can add to the replaces and hides lists in the wearable's representations.

  1. The categories that should be added to the hides list on runtime are:
  1. The categories that the creator should be able to add to the hides list using the editor are the following (aka "accesories"):
  1. The creator should not be able to add any category to the replaces list (the dropdown should be disabled when the wearable's category is skin and the list emptied).

So, when we are about to render a wearable which is of category skin, we will add to all the representations the categories listed in 1) to the ones that the representation already has, if any, which are the ones described in 2).

Finally, when deploying a wearable to a catalyst, the only categories that would be present in the hides list of any representation are the ones added by the creator (ie. all the "accesories" categories), and none of the ones hidden for all the skin wearables (ie. head, upper_body, lower_body, feet, etc), those should be hidden by default by the explorer and the builder editor themselves.


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