ADR-59: User Store catalyst entity

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Statement of the problem

Users will be able to display on their own stores the following customizable elements:

This way, users will be able to add a personalized feel to their stores and distinguish themselves from others.

The problem with this however, is that we need a way to store this data somewhere.

Proposed solution

A Store entity stored in the catalyst to support this type of data while leveraging on the catalyst's decentralized storage properties.


type Store = {
  id: string
  owner: string
  description: string
  links: {
    name: string
    url: string
  images: {
    name: string
    file: string
  version: number

id: The urn used as pointer to the entity, with the following structure: urn:decentraland:off-chain:marketplace-stores:${address}

owner: The address of the user that owns the store. Currently stores can only be uploaded by their owners, meaning that address A will not be able to upload a store for address B.

description: A description for the user store.

links: A list of different kind of links, initially, users can have links for website, facebook, twitter and discord but made it as a list to support many other links in the future. The name property acts as the identifier and the url property contains the actual link.

images: A list of data containing pointers to the different images stored in the catalysts to be used in the store. Currently users can have the store banner image but it is a list to support other kind of images in the future. The maximum size these images can have is of 1MB

version: The current version of the store entity. In case the schema changes, the version can be used to handle the store differently depending on it.

Fetching the entity

The Store entity can be fetched via:


Where the address is the address of the owner of the store.

The payload of the response looks like:

    "version": "v3",
    "id": "QmbRsYnc3RMcT1FqKxa54U1qqRsx3QEsQqG3DV4kDegn8W",
    "type": "store",
    "timestamp": 1643380808369,
    "pointers": [
    "content": [
        "file": "cover/545051819691e9fde9f52cbb013a15ca423ba2d4_hq.gif",
        "hash": "QmPkf5CzpcLcBmAKyAME4Yt14hFYAa7ZSNCGkfMzDhQ9tL"
    "metadata": {
      "id": "urn:decentraland:off-chain:marketplace-stores:{address}",
      "description": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce a pharetra ex. Mauris venenatis, odio sit amet malesuada iaculis, urna mi varius ipsum, ut sollicitudin est mauris ac odio.",
      "images": [
          "name": "cover",
          "file": "cover/545051819691e9fde9f52cbb013a15ca423ba2d4_hq.gif"
      "links": [
        { "name": "website", "url": "" },
        { "name": "facebook", "url": "" },
        { "name": "twitter", "url": "" },
        { "name": "discord", "url": "" }
      "owner": {address},
      "version": 1


Stores can be currently deployed and consumed on all environments.


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