ADR-173: Scene deployments must not contain worldConfiguration section

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A scene is the only entity type that can be deployed in two different services: the Catalyst Network and the Worlds Content Server.

When deploying scenes to the Catalyst Network, a new validation will reject those that have the worldConfiguration property defined in their scene.json file as it doesn't make sense in the Genesis City and may lead to confusion about the same scene deployed in the Worlds Content Server.

Context, Reach & Prioritization

In order to deploy a scene to the Worlds Content Server, it is mandatory to add a worldConfiguration property like the following in its scene.json file:

  "worldConfiguration": {
    "name": "some-dcl-name.dcl.eth"

This contains metadata that is important at the time of deployment. It may also include other configurations, like skybox settings, communications transport to use, etc. None of these settings affect the Catalyst Network. This information is completely ignored and may lead to confusion.

In a regular content creation flow, the developer could use Worlds as a preview service, and once the scene is polished and finished, he is ready to deploy to the Catalyst network under some owned parcel(s). At this stage, the scene.json should have the worldConfiguration property removed so that the information between Worlds and the Genesis City is kept where it belongs.


A new validation is added to the content validator so that the Catalysts can reject deployments of scenes containing the worldConfiguration property.


ADR173_DEADLINE: 2023-01-17T15:00:00Z
Unix Timestamp: 1673967600000


Entities that don't pass the validations will be rejected after the deadline.


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